Sermonary 2.1.18
  • Prevents flashing display of page not found error
  • Various improvements
Sermonary 2.1.17
  • Users can enter promo codes on Stripe checkout
  • Resource Series Guides downloads open in a new tab
  • Various improvements to data handling
Sermonary 2.1.16
  • Eliminates multiple "Leave Page" modals when navigating away from sermons with multiple blocks open
  • Individual Sermons are no longer pinned to the top of the Sermons listing
  • Importing Bible passages in the Bible Block is smoother
  • Mobile users are able to scroll all the way to the bottom instead of being blocked by the mobile menu
  • Mobile users can access the Resources filter "X" to exit the filter instead of it being hidden behind the browser's address bar
Sermonary 2.1.15
  • Fixes templates being created with no content
  • Makes sure pre-built templates have the correct title when used
  • Opens sidebar when creating a sermon from a template
  • Adds an 'Untitled' placeholder value for sermons saved w/o a title
  • Fixes bug causing shareable podium mode links to show 404
  • Fixes bug causing multiple "Are you sure" modals when you have unsaved changes
  • Allows the last block in a sermon to be deleted correctly